About Adrian Howard

A somewhat pretentious picture of Adrian giving a talk at Lead Developer London 2018. Look at him. Grinning like a loon. For shame.

Hi. How are you? I hope you're having a good day.

If you want to know why this site exists go read Can you do a shitty first draft?

I started off as a developer last century, wandered aimlessly into product & UX work, got into agile real heavy, and have turned into a ghastly consultant in my old age. I'm at my best solving problems where Product, Agile, and UX overlap. I also vacillate between Impostor Syndrome & the Dunning-Kruger effect on an almost hourly basis. These days I mostly do coaching, workshops, training, and the odd talk. If you want to talk to me about work stuff go visit quietstars.com.

I'm slightly deaf and really bad with faces and names. So when I blank you in real life I'm not trying to be offensive. I do it to everybody. Sorry.

If you want to get in touch email (adrianh@quietstars.com), twitter (@adrianh), and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/adrianh/) all work.