Can you do a shitty first draft?

— 2 minute read

I write things. In lots of places. On slack (god… so many slacks.) In emails. Random scribblings in numerous paper notebooks â€” and more recently on my iPad Pro. Lots and lots of markdown files in my notes folder. A stack of cards in trello for possible articles. Book outlines & chapter drafts. The odd post medium. General grumbling on twitter. Probably some very old blog posts if you dig hard enough.

Very little of that writing is online & public. Because I have a terrible, terrible habit of wanting things to be vaguely polished before other people see them.

Yet — as smart folk often comment — finishing stuff and getting it out there is the important thing.

For example, the styling on those links in the first paragraph is just awful (fixed). The email isn't configured properly for this domain yet. The colour scheme isn't entirely to my tastes. I don't really understand 95% of the stuff I've used to build this site. There's no "about me" page, or comments, or sensible way to provide feedback. I should fix all those first before putting this live.

But I'm not going to.

This is a place I'm going to give permission for dumb, ugly, and somewhat 💩 first drafts to live. Spewling mystooks and terrible grammar is to be expected. Along with huge logical errors and general stupidity.

But stuff will get finished and out in the world. Like this.